Rules of Procedure

The Competition Tribunal, created by the Competition Tribunal Act is a quasi-judicial body that hears and disposes of applications and any related matters under Part VII.1 (Deceptive Marketing Practices) and Part VIII (Reviewable Matters by the Tribunal) of the Competition Act.

Section 16 of the Competition Tribunal Act provides that the Competition Tribunal may make general rules for regulating its practice and procedure with the approval of the Governor in Council. On May 14, 2008, the new Competition Tribunal Rules, SOR/2008-141, came into effect. They set the framework for informal and expeditious proceedings.

Part 8 of the Competition Tribunal Rules sets out the procedure applicable to applications brought by private individuals and corporations. They may seek leave to file an application directly with the Tribunal with regards to refusal to deal (section 75 of the Competition Act) and exclusive dealing, tied selling, and market restrictions (section 77 of the Competition Act).

Competition Tribunal Rules, SOR/2008-141