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If you require assistance in navigating or browsing our Web site or in obtaining information, you can get help by e-mail, telephone, facsimile or regular mail.

We invite you to visit our Contact Us page for more detailed information on how to contact us for general inquiries and for inquiries related to the Registry of the tribunal.

Currency of Content
The Date Modified note appearing at the bottom-left of every web page indicates the date the web page was modified. It does not necessarily indicates the date the web page content or documents have been originally published in another format.
The date for which the content or documents have been published will be posted in either the documents themselves or on the web page where the content or documents are linking to.

Document Formats
Most of the content on this web site is available in HTML format. However, PDF format is also used to facilitate the displaying and printing of certain documents.
The PDF documents available on this site can be viewed or printed offline using
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Frequently Asked Questions
Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. The information you are looking for might already be posted on our web site or you might also find the answers to your questions.

You can also access all content on our web site by visiting our Site Map page.

Official Languages
The Competition Tribunal is committed to ensuring all information and services on this site is available in both official languages: English and French.
We invite you to read our Important Notices page for more information on the Official Languages policy.

Printing Pages
All the pages on our Web site are of the type "Printer Friendly". The printed version will include the same content as the web page but without the navigation menus. To print any of our web pages, select "File" then "Print" from the top menu bar of your web browser.

The printed version will also include the official symbols of the Government of Canada and the Competition Tribunal, as well as the name of the page and the date that the page was last modified.

You can also access a more specific search function to find Tribunal's decisions and/or cases in our Find a Decision/Case page.

Site Map
The Site Map page represents a quick view of all the information found on our Web site. It lists all the topics associated with the buttons in the top, bottom, left-side and right-side menus of our web pages.

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If you are experiencing difficulties while browsing or navigating our Web site,
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